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Pharmacy Law & Practice Conference
Identifying and Responding to Opioid Abuse in the Community Pharmacy
How to Manage DIR Fees
Statins or NOT Statins for Elderly?
Furnishing Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Smoking Cessation Training Program for Pharmacists
Pharmacists Role in CA Death with Dignity Law
Setting Up Your Practice for Furnishing Hormonal Contraceptives in California
Covered Outpatient Drugs Final Rule Overview
Hot Topics in Pharmacy Law
Naloxone: Fundamentals for Pharmacists Dispensing to Caregivers and Patients at Risk for Opiate and Opioid Toxicity
SB 493 - Pharmacist Expanded Scope of Practice 
Pharmacist's Role in California Coordinated Care Initiative
The Changing Landscape of Emergency Contraception 
Updated ACC/AHA Cholesterol Guidelines
NLA Cholesterol Guidelines
Hydrocodone-Combination Products Rescheduled from C-III to C-II -- A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Compliance
What's the POINT? The Unique Role of Pharmacists in Non-Prescription Syringe Access
Non-Prescription Syringe Access in California Pharmacies: Making It Real
Drug Supply Chain Security Act – Implications for Dispensers
Improve Compliance & Reduce Meth Labs - NPLEx

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